Mission Statement

Success for EVERY Student.

Vision Statement

Through rigorous, meaningful, and relevant activities, all MacArthur Ponies will become life-long learners, confident leaders, and innovative problem solvers in an increasingly technologically advanced society.  Ponies will consistently demonstrate responsibility, respect, motivation, and compassion to reach success in all their endeavors.  

2017-2018 School Information

Gifted and Talented Testing. Packet due Oct 4, 2017

MacArthur is getting ready to test any child whose parent is interested in the Gifted and Talented program. A program letter was sent home with information regarding the program. Testing packets are ready in the front office to be filled out and turned in by October 4, 2017.  This is the final deadline for your child to be considered for testing.  Please click on the links below to access the program letter and the testing packet.

Program letter
Testing packet: Nomination Form, Permission to test, Parent Checklist

Anuncio del Programa de estudiantes dotados 
Paquete para examinar: Forma de nominacion, Permiso para examinar, Evaluacion de padres

Clubs & Tutoring

The link below will take you to the list of all our new clubs and tutoring provided by all of the MacArthur Faculty! Enjoy art? Join the art club! Love acting? Join the Film Festival group. There's over 30 groups/clubs/teams to join, which one is the one for you? Tutoring is also available for students who need help understanding something from class. Check the link to see who can help you get that 100% on your next test or assignment.

Clubs & Tutoring List

By clicking on the link below, you can download a copy of MacArthur's monthly calendar. Below, you will also find a download link for the district's annual calendar, and the athletics schedule link.

September Calendar        District Calendar       Athletics Schedule

Science Fair Timeline 2017-2018
The Science Fair is coming, and the timeline for deadlines is available here for download. Make sure to have assignments done by the due date provided, and be sure to bring back the signed slip at the bottom of the page.

Science Fair Timeline Download

Powerup Device Fee Schedule

Registration Downloads
The downloads you'll need to register your child for the 2017-2018 school year, along with some other helpful links and information are available at the title link above. (Supply Lists will be provided by teachers)

PreK Dual Enrollment Parent Letter

Please see the attached parent letter (English/Spanish) which provides information regarding Dual Enrollment in EPISD PreK and Region 19 Head Start for 2017-18. 

Parent Letter Download

Power Device Fee Schedule

The fee schedule is the replacement and repair price sheet for your child's Apple Macbook Air 11" Device.  Students who have not received their laptops will receive them the first week of school.  Students must turn in a signed Power Device Fee Schedule in order to receive their laptop.  Click here to download and print the document. You can bring it to school already signed.      

Federal Report Cards

Federal Report Cards for the state, the District, and each of the District's campuses are now available on the District's website at this link:

Click Here 

If you have difficulty accessing the information from the website, hard copies of the reports are available at the District or campus office. 

District Performance Ratings

The 83rd Legislature (2013) implemented Sec. 39.0545 which evaluates each district campus' performance in community and student engagement and compliance. Specifically, as stated in the legislation: (a) Each school district shall evaluate the district's performance and the performance of each campus in the district in community and student engagement and in compliance as provided by this section and assign the district and each campus a performance rating of exemplary, recognized, acceptable, or unacceptable for both overall performance and each individual evaluation factor listed under Subsection (b). Not later than August 8 of each year, the district shall report each performance rating to the agency and make the performance ratings publicly available as provided by commissioner rule.

School Report Card (SRC)

The Texas Education Agency publishes a School Report Card (SRC) for every campus in the district. Schools are required to provide a copy of their SRC to the parent/guardian of each student upon request.  A call out has been made to every students home making parents aware of the attached document and its location on our website. Please click here (download link) to view Mac Arthur Intermediate's School Report Card.

Atomic Learning

No matter your role in the EPISD family, you can find something to learn about in Atomic Learning. For instance, did you know that all students have access to all of Atomic Learning, as well as all our EPISD families.
Click on this link, then click on the role that best describes you in EPISD:

Then explore some of the learning you can get from Atomic Learning. Remember, great tools are only great if you use them

Updated Code of Conduct
The link above will download the changed document that shows the items which were added this year either by law or updates due to a policy change. Please review the Student Code of Conduct with your students and teachers, especially concerning David’s Law. October is designated as Bullying Awareness Month, so please be sure to develop activities and plans to address bullying on your campus. The District will be hosting Parent Awareness Sessions on the following dates to assist our parents in becoming knowledge about David’s Law. Date Location Time October 2 Chapin Theater 6:00 p.m. October 3 Bowie Theater 6:00 p.m. October 5 Coronado Theater 6:00 p.m.  

School Climate Survey Link for Parents and Students
School Climate Survey Link for Parents and Students
Lost & Found Drive
Lost any clothes this year? Come by the Lost & Found drive to find it
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Father Daughter Dance
Come join us for our annual Father-Daughter Dance!
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