Clubs and Activities


MacArthur Choir

Under the Direction of Mr. Neil Novoa

Choir website:

MacArthur Band

Under the Direction of Mr. Gabriel Arias

Band website:

MacArthur Orchestra

Under the direction of Mr. Rodrigo Maldonado

Orchestra website: 

MacArthur Math Club

Meetings: Every Tuesday After school in Mrs. Esther Garcia's Classroom (RM 601)

Sponsors: Esther Garcia and Martha Herrera


MacArthur Foreign Language Club

Meetings: Every Tuesday After school in Ms. Sylvia Carmona's Classroom

Sponsor: Sylvia Carmona

MacArthur Chess Club

Meetings: Every Wednesday & Thursday After school in the Special Education Kitchen (RM 313)

Sponsor: Sylvia Gonzalez

MacArthur students of any grade are welcome to join.  For additional information please contact Sylvia Gonzalez at 236-0625.


Contact Person/Sponsor:  Sylvia Gonzalez
Every Tuesday during class
Students assist the school in recycling paper, magazines, old mail, rinsed out aluminum cans
or soda bottles. Blue bins are placed in all classrooms to encourage conservation and recycling.

Watt Watchers


Contact Person/Sponsor:  Sylvia Gonzalez

Varies:  Sometimes before school, lunch and after school on various days 

Everyone can help us just come by my classroom my ask teachers for permission to assist.  Random checks of the school to promote energy conservation.