Rodriguez, Ann
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                   Welcome to 6th and 7th Grade Science!

The day's schedule is as follows:

   A DAY               B DAY
1st period 7th period ---- 7:50-8:55 7th grade
2nd period 8th period ---- 8:57-9:57 7th grade
3rd period 9th period ---- 9:59-10:59 7th grade
4th period 10th period ---- 11:01-12:01 6th grade
Lunch   12:01-12:46
5th period 11th period ---- 12:48-1:48 6th grade
6th period 12th period ---- 1:50-2:50      Conference

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have or to schedule a conference. 

Ann Rodriguez