Gongora-rivera, Monica

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Welcome to Mrs. Rivera's 6th grade math class!


As an educator,  I am passionate about supporting the growth and education of children.  Working as a team with parents, administration and fellow colleagues, we can make students achieve their greatest potential. 
We are part of a larger community.  As such, I we should work to encourage and support the dreams and aspirations of  students, learn about them, and contribute to their betterment.  All through hard work and dedication in and out of the classroom.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to another great school year.  I want to take this opportunity to tell you that we are in for a creative, energetic, fun-filled year that will further your child’s desire to learn more about Mathematics.  I expect a very successful school year, however, it is essential to create a safe yet challenging learning environment in the classroom; therefore students must abide by certain requirements and procedures.


      Daily                               60%
      Assessments                  40%

  Classroom Rules

1.     Bring all materials and be on time everyday.

2.     Respect others through actions and appropriate language.

3.     Be responsible for assignments, actions, and attitudes.

4.     Student code of conduct, dress code, and school rules are to be followed at all times.

Rewards For Following Rules

1.     Verbal praise

2.     Tangible rewards

3.     Note home

4.     Classroom mentor

Consequences For Not Following Rules

1.     Verbal warning

2.     Detention and Parent notified in writing

3.     Student/Teacher conference, Parent/Teacher conference, or parent call

4.     Referral to office

*Note: Severe behaviors skip #’s 1-3 and will become an immediate referral.

The class will be conducted in such a way that the students will have ample time and assistance in understanding the concepts being taught.  Students will have opportunities to work individually, in pairs (peer tutoring), and in cooperative learning groups.   I will encourage my students to share their thoughts, ideas, and questions if they do not understand, so they may find true meaning and relevance in what we do in class.  I urge you to help encourage your child’s learning through active support.

Make-Up Work Policy

            When he/she is absent, they are responsible for making up the work they miss.  For each excused absence the student will be allowed one day, equaling out to the number of days missed.  If the student is out four days, he/she will receive four days to complete the work.

            However, if the absence is marked unexcused a zero will be automatically averaged in the grade book for all assignments missed for the day.  Please ensure all absences are called in.


            There are “Bell Activities” in my classroom that require the student to come in and commence working immediately.  Students receive between five and ten minutes to complete the assignment after the bell rings, therefore if the student is tardy, they will receive a tardy slip and no extra time will be allowed to finish the assignment.  Only excused absences will receive “Bell Activities” make-ups.

Late Work

            Late work received after the due date, will be accepted with a 25-point deduction for every day it is late.  After the third day, the assignment will go in the grade book as a zero.

            I am looking forward to working with you and your child this current school year.  I expect a very successful school year.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at 587-2680 and request a conference.