Campus Improvement Team

A Campus Improvement Team (CIT) is established as an advisory committee to assist the Principal with planning and decision-making at the campus-level.  

The CIT is involved in decision making in the following areas:

  1. Goals and Objectives
  2. Curriculum
  3. Budget
  4. Staffing Patterns
  5. Staff Development
  6. Organization
  7. Needs of Special Populations
  8. Crime Prevention and Intervention
  9. Parental Involvement

MacArthur CIT will meet once a month in the Conference Room at 3:00 PM on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, October 8th
  • Wednesday, November 5th
  • Wednesday, December 3rd
  • Wednesday, January 14th
  • Wednesday, February 4th
  • Wednesday, March 4th
  • Wednesday, April 1st
  • Wednesday, May 6th
  • Wednesday, June 3rd

MacArthur CIT Members for 2014-2015 School Year: 

  • Rose Ann Martinez, Principal
  • Mercedes Bauerkemper, Assistant Principal
  • Mary Faraci, Assistant Principal
  • Luz Gomez, Counselor
  • Sylvia Gonzalez, Teacher
  • Delia Martinez, Teacher
  • Kristi Samaniego, Teacher
  • Michael Samstag, Teacher
  • Andrea Smith, Teacher
  • Juan Talamantes, Teacher
  • Lisa Ramirez, Parent
  • Lori Wegleitner, Parent

Please contact us at 915-236-0625 with any questions or concerns in regard to MacArthur School. 

MacArthur Campus CIP Plan 2013-2014
MacArthur Campus CIP Plan 2014-2015